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[2002.11.28]: Happy Thanksgiving to all. Today is one of most wonderful holidays of the year, where we give thanks to everything we enjoy (computer mainly heh jk). I will be working on the site a lot over this holiday so make sure you check back after turkey. :)

[2002.11.20]: If you haven't had the great pleasure of trying out the new Visual Studio.NET 2002 then head on over to Microsoft's website. There are giving 3 hour demos using terminal services as a access gate way. The service is fast and stable I hear so if you don't have it go and give it a shot. 

[2002.11.14]: Public Release Of the Raven Shield Demo. Its out folks go and grab it. It is about 155MB and you need at least a 600 MHZ, 128MB, 32MB Video card to play the game. Not too demanding.

[2002.11.09]: The Raven Shield Demo Has Been released and I'm playing it like crazy. Check out the Raven Shield Info page for more details. Btw the game is awesome.       

[2002.09.17]: Website is initially up. Everything is good and working and currently getting some good hits. We invite all ages over so if you know of anyone that would enjoy this website please let them know. Thanks

[2002.09.20]: Rewrote website and edited picture files for fastest performance. Hope you all feel the speed :)

[2002.09.21]: Just Got the Windows XP Pro Service Pack 1. To tell you the truth I'm and shocked at how much its done to beef up performance. Start up is even faster than before and everything seems to work just a tad bit better. I recommend this download no matter what and if you don't have a fast speed connection then go ahead and order the CD. 



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